With every new product launched and every spa-therapy performed, Elemis’ goal is to address specific skin and body conditions using potent formulations that dynamically treat the skin with powerful results.

Elemis has four key principles that are core to its philosophy:

1. Defined by nature: Elemis is committed to understanding the earth’s natural resources, continuing to source the latest ground-breaking active ingredients. Nature has a powerful affinity with the skin and when combined with technology it can achieve everything we need for phenomenal skincare and anti-ageing results. Elemis never compromise on quality and quantity of actives and remains a range that can be trusted for integrity, purity and efficacy.

2. Led by science: Elemis invests in cutting-edge technology to find breakthrough development techniques, which can be used to draw the most active ingredients from natural resources. It is this relationship between nature and science that allows Elemis to create multi-active, efficacy trialled formulations to ensure maximum therapeutic activity in every product. Elemis’ determination to find the ‘next generation’ in medicinal skin science ensures that the brand continues to meet the ever-changing needs of the client.

3. Treatment led: Elemis’ unique point of difference is that every product is created for professional treatments first and foremost. This enables Elemis to gain feedback from their therapists, the laboratory and independent professional bodies before launching into the retail arena. Elemis call this its ‘playground of development’ where maturity can sometimes take up to three years. Once launched as a homecare product, it is guaranteed to offer the most effective, professional results.

4. A personalised lifestyle prescription: Elemis sees every customer as an individual; no two programmes of skin, body and lifestyle management will ever be the same. Daily routine and the environment we live in constantly change and can directly affect long-term results. Personal and unique, Elemis looks to build and develop its customer through awareness and understanding. Using therapist intuition and new technology, such as facial mapping, empowers Elemis to give realistic and definitive expectations.

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